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Service Diagnostic

  • Latest German technology ENT unit.
  • Video-Endoscopy.
  • Audiometry.
  • Rhinomanometry.
  • Tympanometry.
  • T–OAE.
  • Brainstem Audiometry (BERA).
  • Video-Nystagmography.

ENT unit with digital photo documentation


  • Flexible Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoskopy


  • Rigid otoendoskopy.
  • Rigid Nasoendoskopy.
  • Rigid Pharyngoendoskopy.
  • Rigid Laryngoendoskopy

Audiometry  hearing test and more

Audiometer to conduct a series of tests and then compiles the individual results to make an assessment of an individual’s hearing  Tinnitus testing.

Rhinomanometry: Function test of the nose.

The study and measurement of nasal airflow and pressures. For example before and after nose surgery or by allergy.                                            

Tympanometry: Impedance and reflex measurements of the ear drum.

Tympanometry is an examination used to test the condition of the middle and mobility of the eardrum) and the conduction bones by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal. 


 T - OAE Objective measurement of hearing capacity by transiently evoked oto-acoustic emissions.

An oto-acoustic emission (OAE) is a sound which is generated from within the inner ear.

OAEs are considered to be related to the amplification function of the cochlea. In the absence of external stimulation, the activity of the cochlear amplifier increases, leading to the production of sound. Several lines of evidence suggest that, in mammals, outer hair cells are the elements that enhance cochlear sensitivity and frequency selectivity and hence act as the energy sources for amplification.

Equilibratory diagnostics of the vestibular system.

Testing the vestibular system with warm and cold water, videonystagmography and coordination examinations are available for the general and special diagnostics and permit precise statements about the hearing from the baby to the adult or the function of the vestibular system.


Brainstemaudiometry (BERA). Objective measurement with acoustically evoked potentials.

A noninvasive, painless, and more frequent test .

In this test electrodes are pasted to the skin (one placed behind the ear) and are used to record the neural responses to brief tones. The minute potentials evoked by a train of brief sound stimuli are suitably amplified and averaged by a small computer to cancel out background activity.


Service Surgery

Snoring operations
Operation of the nasal concha / turbinate.
Nasal septum operation (plastic septum correction).
Nasal bone fracture.
Acute sinusitis/high inserts, inhalations, function of paranasal sinuses.
Chronic sinusitis/microscopic intranasal surgery of the paranasal sinuses.
Micro-surgical laryngeal operations (Microlaryngoscopy).
Ear surgery.
Operations of the neck.
Surgery of the salivary glands.
Adenoid-operation (pharyngeal tonsil operation).
Palatine tonsils operation (Tonsillectomy / Tosillotomy).
Cosmetic otoplasty (correction of distant ears).